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we rebranding but still able to create digital design and development beyond the ordinary

In fact we do much better work now!


Great design can be applied only on great ideas

"Pages to the People" - this is the basic idea of Jimdo.com and we believe it is a great idea!

It deserves a great design. We are here to offer it, we are Jimdo experts.

Why Jimdo, Why Q Division Designs...

see past the ordinary to what lies just beyond


We love to help people discover new perspectives full of possibilities and thrills, to elevate astonishing ideas to a higher level, to develop a simple and efficient way to boost people's businesses, to highlight their hobby, to emerge their ego! Jimdo is the easiest way to create and manage a website... But let's be realists, for professional appearance and functionality, the experts' touch is required... Once you realise that everyone should do whatever he or she does best, we can digitally depict your professionalism, your passion, your great idea... with design and development beyond the ordinary, beyond the limits!.


Carefully chosen Jimdo templates, that fit perfect on your needs, designed with our magic touch


Freedom means to do whatever you have envisioned. Unique pages, widgets, effects, with no limitations


"Anima Sana in Corpore Sano" - Yes, we agree, a healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body


Stunning graphic elements for your website. Logo, infographics, icons... Every single pixel matters


We never say NO to a cup of quality coffee, but this doesn't mean we'll not charge you for our services

Brave enough to be original

That is the cornerstone of our success... Our passion, creativity, methodicalness and

our refusal to walk through other's paths, defines our uniqueness and originality

just another drop in the ocean or a bright star in the night sky


A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. It is the unique fingerprint of... your brand, your organization, your identity!

directly connected with the world, no matter where you are


If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on one of the most influential marketing tools that exist. If you have one, it must be an exceptional one... Because people do judge a book by its cover


Free people, creative thinkers, life enthusiasts.

Our endless thirst to explore what life offers, pushes us to think out of the box, to keep

ourselves simple and to create remarkable things in our journey on this planet

George Artas

- Design Supervisor -

Cyril Konstantinou

- Founder -

Natalia Zolota

- HR & Client Manager -

The division was founded and based on the fact that we realize how much better

we perform as a team... People with the same passion connected!

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