We are a small team of creative people, who provide extremely high professional solutions in a very human way.

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Discover who we are, our expertism and our philosophy

QuarkPixel is a uniquely structured team of digital design creatives; a modern and ultra effective business model... Web based professionals who act and work for you as a solid entity, organized in a way to be able to undertake large and complex projects but at the same time, flexible enough to produce remarkable work for smaller size companies.


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Specialized in Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding and Mobile Apps Design we innovate to reach your goals efficiently and professionally.

We also proudly partner with Jimdo... We are official Jimdo Experts!


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The company's roots were established back in 2012, as partnership between design enthusiasts and web developers; individual freelancers who met and operated as a team through the web. The team was known as Q Division Designs.

By the end of 2015 and after strategic cooperation  with global leading companies, the need of different legal entity arose... Thus QuarkPixel Limited was founded. But during the difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic, the company needed to downsize. Currently QuarkPixel belongs to QuarkCo Hellas S.P.


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We're nature admirers! We get inspired daily by the nature and its ability to offer hope, joy and serenity to all man kind equally and continuously ⁠— day by day, hour by hour with the same small and simple things... 


We search the beauty within the simplicity and the effectiveness, like nature does... And this is what we strive to pass in our projects, such kind of relationship we have with the rest of the world...  


Efficient simplicity through real values with an extra human touch.



Meet our legal entity, our divisions and where we do operate

QuarkPixel is a subsidiary of QuarkCo Hellas S.P. a privately held company based in Greece.


Our headquarters deal mainly with administrative works... The majority of our team members are based in Greece and other European countries... 


We've been working remotely before remotely became trendy!

QuarkCo Hellas S.P.
Paggiaou , Drama,
Dramas 66131,


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Q Division - the idea that generated Quarkpixel itself, remains part of our structure. The main activity of the division now is to find new customers through crowdsourcing platforms.


QuarkCo - a branch that represents Quarkpixel outside the European Union.  Also responsible for all the administrative works outside the European Economic Area.


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As the subject of our work imprints mainly digital and online results, we take advantage of the world wide web to provide solutions across the world.


We take very seriously each country's culture, history, people's behavior and market trends to study and eventually to offer the best possible outcome accordingly to the target audiences.



Discover projects' workflow and learn about our payment policy

We have simplified our project workflow in order to make the process easier, faster and more comprehensible. 


Every project is supervised and coordinated by one person of our team. 


This way, you (and us) can keep everything on track without further effort or complex communication channels!

Download our sample Design Agreement to review it

Non-Disclosure Agreement is possible upon request


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  1. Initial discussion on project
  2. Defining scope of works cost estimation
  3. Agree and endorse design agreement
  4. Upfront payment
  5. Design mockups creation
  6. Review & approval of design(s)
    • Revisions & adjustments
  7. Development & implementation (web projects)
  8. Testing (pilot prints or browser compatibility)
  9. Launch (web projects) or delivering final work
  10. Final payment & project completion

Payment Policy

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Each project is subject to a unique design agreement / contract, based on that agreement, 50% of the initial estimated cost must be deposited as an upfront payment. 


Upon project completion and satisfaction of the client, the rest 50% must be deposited as final payment.


Available payment methods:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. PayPal (accepting all major credit cards)



Additional works / tasks are separately invoiced.

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